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The EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF SOCIETIES FOR MICROSURGERY was created on February 10th 1990 by a group of countries, as the expression of their willingness for alliance in scientific cooperation.

Until now, the federation has 11 active full members, the Danish Society, the French Society (GAM), the German Speaking Group (German Society, Swizerland Society, Austrian Society), the Romanian Society, the Scandinavian Group (Sweden Society, Finland Society, Norway Society, Iceland Society), the Spanish Society, the Turkish Society, the United Kingdom Society and 1 associated member, which awaits the full membership status.

The Federation joins together European national microsurgery societies, which are interested in promoting a high quality degree of education for their members, by permanently increasing their level of knowledge and their commitment to caring and helping the patients.

The Federation is aiming to open new perspectives for the younger microsurgeons, by promoting cultural and scientific interchanges, by facilitating them the access to science, to the newest discoveries and techniques, and by teaching them how to choose and apply these methods in the best interest of the patient. The microsurgeons are encouraged to abide by a high standard of personal, professional, moral and ethical conduct.

In fact, the members of the federation are trying to create a new way of scientifically reasoning for the younger generation of microsurgeons, by keeping the best from the past and by embracing and improving the future.

The Federation aims to create and implement an unified algorithm for patient care, that could be disseminated and applied by all the members, and also to support and research the development of new and improved methods of treatment.

In the biennial congress of the Federation and in other scientific manifestations hosted by the different member societies are invited microsurgeons not only from Europe, but also the organizers are welcoming and encouraging a large international participation. The purpose of these scientific events is to exchange valuable information, to create links generated by the same ideas and beliefs, to allow a better understanding of the complexity of the microsurgical profession and to guarantee that microsurgery remains a well respected and recognized profession.

We hope that the EFSM website will represent an open platform for all the members of the affiliated societies, which will ensure a long-lasting collaboration in the future between the member societies of EFSM and between all the members of these societies.

It is really my great pleasure and honor to congratulate the Past General Secretary of the EFSM, Prof. Alain Gilbert and Prof. Bruno Battiston, for their great work in consolidating the EFSM in the past 22 years, and for promoting the most important values of microsurgery.

Prof. Alexandru Georgescu, M.D., PhD
EFSM General Secretary